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About Us

Why Mango Disc Golf?

Mango Disc Golf was started by some of the better disc golfers in our area with goals of growing our sport, running

weekly mini's, and local tournaments.


We invite you to join us as the Premier Disc Golf Club in our area.

The Mango Classic

In the past years Team Mango has run a PDGA A-Tier event we call the Mango Classic -

We are sure you will recognize the names of some of the best players in our sport and on the planet that have played in the Classic!

Cameron Colglazier, Ricky Wysocki, Nikko Locastro, Paul McBeth, Simon Lizotte, Matt Orum, Paul Ulibarri, Rivers Sherrod, Bradley Williams, Devan Owans, Dave Feldberg Will Schusterick, Cale Leiviska, Avery Jenkins, Nate Doss...

Catrina Allen, Paige Pierce, Jessica Weese, Madison Walker, Val Jenkins...

Would you like to see this happen again here in our area? Would you like to be apart of something like this for our sport? Join us and let's get it done!

Mango and You?

In addition to being apart of Team Mango and helping grow our sport we will have clinics by Local and Touring Pro players to help you acquire the skills needed to progress as a player and lower your score.


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