Got Mango? Mango, Mango!

Mango Weekly Mini's

If you are new to the sport or maybe have been playing for a while with friends or family, but don't understand what Random Doubles are. Simply - Double Teams are picked at random. Maybe by drawing a card from a deck, or simple flipping your putter (like a coin) and finding a partner. You could be paired with any player and that gives all players the chance to cash! 

Boggy Park - Tuesday Random Doubles

Will resume after time change in 2019!

Niceville, FL

Ferry Park - Wednesday Random Doubles
Will resume after time change in 2019!
5pm flip and then tee off.
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Upcoming Mango Tournaments

Fundraiser for the Choctaw Indianette's November  23, 24th, & 25th 2018 @ Anderson Pond
Click the Indianettes Fundraiser link for all the details!

We are working on adding a couple of events to our schedule - please check back.

What about the Mango Panhandle Triple Crown? 

Winter is on the way - time to put together a putting league! Who out there does not need to putt better or have more fun? Mango, Mango!

How can Mango help you?

Are you needing help in a certain area of your game? Interested in helping us run weekly or tournament events? Just have questions? Let us know - we are here for you!

Want to run a fundraiser with a disc golf tournament? We will be happy to help. We can provide support and run the event, help with tee shirts and/or prizes - drop us a line and get your questions answered.

Cost and Payout

($5 = $3 to payout, $1 to Ace Pot, $1 to Club.) Ace pot is a running pot - payout for next ace is $84 on Oct 11, 2017. (@ Ferry Park - FWB)

Payout is 33% - calculated by dividing number of players by 33%, if the number is .0 to .4 we pay the lower whole number spot, if number is .5 to .9 we pay one extra player.

(Info on how  the Club money is used is available to any Team Member).

Mango Classic?

Team Mango has been getting a lot of request to run another Mango Classic and we are open to do so!  Would you like to be apart of something like this? Let us know!


Would you like to or know someone who would like to sponsor a Mango Event? A business that would like to get their name or product out in front of our local golfers? Let us know your ideas or raising $$ for future events.